General Information

Vashlijvari is a settlement in Tbilisi. It’s located on the right side of the river Mtkvari, between Saburtalo district and Dighomi. 

A village formerly, Vashlijvari joined Tbilisi in 1972. It’s been developed since the 1980’s.

Investment Characteristics

Vashlijvari is a newer neighborhood in Tbilisi. The construction of it is still an ongoing process.

The average price for buying an apartment in Vashlijvari  is approximately $600 (sq.m.).

Accessibility Of The Neighborhood

In 2019 in Vashlijvari a new overpass was opened. The main goal of the project is to decrease the traffic between Saburtalo and Dighomi neighborhoods. The overpass also shortens the way between the Vashlijvari neighborhood and the center of Tbilisi and acts almost like an express access lane. 

In Vashlijvari you can take buses and minibuses, which are heading to various parts of Tbilisi.

Important Institutions

Nearby Vashlijvari where are some public and nongovernmental places.

  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Laboratory of Ministry of Agriculture
  • Tbilisi Court of Appeals
  • Tbilisi Police Department
  • Georgian Post
Restaurants, Bars And Cafes
  • Imperiali
  • Avalon
  • Vepkhi da Moyme
  • Bina N37
  • Restaurant Stuff
  • Madagoni
  • Agrohub
  • Villa Veranda
  • Regalux
  • Hotel Horizont
  • Lisi Hills Hotel
  • Villa Veranda



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