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Welcome to Sakartvelo, aka Georgia, a tiny ancient country sandwiched between Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The land of 69,700 square kilometres showcases an appealing cultural synthesis of both territories – Europe and Asia – and creates an identity of its own, which is depicted in architecture, fashion, culinary, politics and in many other aspects of the Georgian people’s daily lives.

The population, up to 4 million, does not clearly speak for the diversity, inclusivity and richness this land has to offer in terms of ethnic groups, political views, nature and natural resources, and please, let’s not forget to mention its reputation for nice weather, because Georgia indeed is a paradise for seasons lovers and in this direction is one of the most comfortable places to live.

The geographic location of the country brings enormous potential and here several things ought to be mentioned – being located at a strategically important crossroads and being directly or indirectly connected to some major regions of the world create the ground for the Georgian economy to be developed, but, of course, there are two sides of a coin and accordingly, an aspect to it – the way is full of challenges, obviously, some of them are political in nature for a country that became legitimate only in 1991 after the USSR had dissolved. Though, it is the fact that due to democratic and economic reforms, especially since the Rose Revolution of 2003, Georgia successfully managed to emerge, relatively more than before, into the international arena – in 2007 the country was named the World’s number one economic reformer and according to the latest World Bank annual ratings, it is ranked 6 among 190 countries in the ease of doing business.

The country grows fast enough and opens doors to new business. The diversity and authenticity in such a small area will leave a person speechless and simultaneously very happy because each human can find her/his very own Georgia and obviously, this is what makes this country to be so beloved by everyone.

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