Realty Guide is a unique and accomplished Real Estate & Investment Planning agency. With over twelve years combined experience in consultancy and real estate, it is the first of its kind in Georgia.

With a team of local and international staff, we offer exceptional support & services in real estate purchases and complete investment planning: offering you the complex perspective a foreign or local investor needs.

In addition to real estate, our team has extensive experience in providing consultancy services to industrial projects. Our experts are able to support your projects of interest from the get-go.

Our team has many years of experience both locally and overseas (America, Canada and parts of Europe). Thoroughly studying the region allows us to maintain services to those who want to buy, invest, start or expand real estate in Georgia.

We provide trusted and ready support to foreign investors in order to promote a smooth transition to the Georgian market.

Our main goal is to promote Georgia and help the Georgian economy grow by improving the quality of services in the real estate industry, all of which is reflected in our customer communication, management and efforts.

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