General Information

Mukhiani is a settlement in Tbilisi, Gldani district. The settlement of Mukhiani was established in 1983. The Mukhiani area previously was covered with oak trees. In the 70’s, the oak trees were cut down and in 1980’s construction of new buildings started. Mukhiani is divided into districts. 

It’s not the center of the town, but due to the Metro Station Akhmeteli Theater, it takes only 17-20 minutes to get to the center of Tbilisi.

Investment Characteristics

Buying apartments in Mukhiani is one of the cheapest areas and the average price here is $485 (sq.m).

In Mukhiani, there are different, large developments. We will discuss some of the most well-known of them:

Archi Mukhiani

The construction of Archi Mukhiani began in the fall of 2015 and lasted till August 2017. Relying on the information, the total area of the project is 12,000 sq. m. The 13-storey residential building includes 131 apartments and a two-level underground parking lot.


The construction company Balavari was founded in 2013 in the Georgian market. Today, the company has 9 completed buildings and one of them is in Mukhiani. 

Accessibility Of The Neighborhood

As we already mentioned, Mukhiani is far from the center of Tbilisi, but it’s accessibility is very convenient. 

In Mukhiani there is a bus terminal called Gldani Bus Terminal, where you can find different kinds of transport to different parts of the country. 

Also, besides that you can take here buses and minibuses, which are heading to various parts of Tbilisi. Moreover, Metro Station Akhmeteli Theater is a very convenient way to get to the different parts of the city.

Closest Attractions

The Akhmeteli Theater is something to mention when talking about the Mukhiani neighborhood. The theater was founded in 1981 and it’s first name was Tbilisi Drama Theater. In 1987, the theater was named after the famous Georgian stage director, Sandro Akhmeteli. 

The theater is very famous in the whole country. 

Restaurants, Bars And Cafes
  • Rumi Hall
  • Restaurant Alilo
  • Teliani Valley
  • Prime Hall Restaurant
  • Mukhiani’s Kanchi
  • 2 Tons Craft Beer Brewery and Restaurant Gobronidze
  • Restaurant Lampari
  • Chemo Kargo
  • Atrium
  • Prime Hall Restaurant
  • Ori Nabiji
  • Spar
  • Fresco
  • Georgian-Dutch Hospital
  • Polyclinic and Diagnostic Center
  • Evex Ambulatory Center



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