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So you’ve packed your bags and are ready to move into Georgia. Great choice. Now it’s time to choose a place you want to live in. Today we’re discussing Tbilisi’s one of the wealthiest districts Vake.

Is Vake an Expensive Neighborhood?

According to the neighborhoods of Tbilisi, the average price of real estate in Vake is $972 (sq.m.). As for the rent: $7.36 (sq.m.). The statistic shows that Vake is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tbilisi, just below Mtatsminda.

What to Know About Vake before Moving Here.

Soviet unions’ Vake was a place where the wealthiest people, both the intellectual, social and political elite lived. After its dissolution, Vake lost its status as a residence of the political and intellectual elite, now it’s just the place with higher-end cafes and restaurants. But the essence of the elite living here is still visible. It’s a fancy neighborhood. So, if you’re up to moving in Vake, prepare to hear many jokes about the Vakeli type of people.

Investment Characteristics

Vake is a home for many major businesses in Georgia. You can find here prime retail and office space. If you want to have a front view on how business is done in Tbilisi, Vake is your best choice.

To get the essence of what Vake suggests to the investors and its future residents, here I present the list of the organizations and companies that function here:

  • UN House in Tbilisi
  • Tbilisi State University
  • Freedom Protecting Center
  • Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center
  • Georgian Football Federation
  • Society and Banks
  • Zrda Activity in Georgia

As for the companies we can highlight several categories:

  • Construction companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Software companies
  • Water utility companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Real estate companies
  • Retail companies
  • Travel agency companies
  • Shipping companies

The first three categories are the most common in Vake.

Architectural Decisions

As already mentioned, Vake is a business center of Tbilisi, combined with the Soviet Union’s heritage in terms of architecture, it has a beautiful combination of historical and contemporary buildings. Old meets new creating an interesting blend.

Accessibility Of The Neighborhood

Vake is nearly in the center of Tbilisi. It’s a great neighborhood that has many ways to get around either move about on foot, by bicycle, transit, or auto. It’s located somewhat near the metro station Rustaveli, so if you like walking, you can take that route. As for other solutions, public transportation like buses or marshrutka is always available and at a comfortable price.

Here is a list of busses you can take: 61, 140, 88, 51, 9.

Note to remember: the heaviest traffic can be found on Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue.

Closest Attractions

Here is a list of the closest attractions to Vake. These places are the nearest locations from Vake, both entertainment, cultural and practical destinations:

  • Tbilisi Zoo- 0.9 km
  • Heroes Square- 4.3 km
  • Vake Park- 1.4 km
  • Tbilisi Sports Palace- 4.5 km
  • Tbilisi Concert Hall- 2.5 km
  • Tbilisi Circus- 1.5 km
  • Turtle Lake- 4.5 km
  • Mikheil Meskhi Stadium- 1.8 km
  • Queen Tamar Bridge- 1.8 km
  • Georgian National Academy of Sciences- 6.5 km
  • Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre- 4.0 km
  • Rustaveli Theatre- 4.6 km
  • Freedom Square- 4.8 km
  • Presidential Palace- 3.9 km
  • National Botanical Garden of Georgia- 4 km
  • Cathedral of Saint George- 6.1 km
Restaurants, Bars And Cafes

The next list is a compilation of restaurants and bars in Vake, carefully selected based on the best received Google reviews:

  • Tabla- 4.5 stars; 4 minutes by car
  • Amira- 4.4 stars; 4 minutes by car
  • Hard Rock cafe- 4.3 stars, 9 minutes by cars
  • Prego- 4.2 stars; 7 minute by car
  • Shemomechama- 4.1; 7 minutes by car
  • Sushi room- 4.1; 6 minutes by car
  • Amira- 4.0; 4 minutes by car
  • Machakhela- 4.0; 4 minutes by car
  • Number 8 Bar & Grill- 4.7 stars, 5 minutes by car
  • Burger bar- 4.4 stars, 6 minutes by car
  • Uptown Space- 4.2 stars; 12 minutes by car
  • Goodwill- open 24 hours (or 10:00 pm depending on location)
  • Spar- open 24 hours
  • Nikora- open 24 hours
  • Ori nabiji- open 24 hours (or at 11:00 pm depending on location)
  • General hospital- 8 minutes by car
  • S.Khechinashvili University Hospital- 2 minutes by car
  • American Hospital Tbilisi- 9 minutes by car
  • Elizabeth Blackwell Hospital- 9 minutes by car
  • Children’s Infectious Diseases Hospital of Tbilisi city- 8 minutes by car
  • Mediclub Georgia- 10 minutes by car



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