Investment Characteristics

Krtsanisi is an old and very important part of Tbilisi. What makes it important is its historical and cultural meaning. 

The place is well known for its different attractions like Monastery complexes, old churches, different kinds of monuments, Sulphur baths and various kinds of historical places. That’s why Krtsanisi is the main attraction for tourists. The average price to buy an accommodation is higher than average and is approximately $829 (sq.m).

Krtsanisi Residence 

The residence is located in a few minutes drive from the center of Tbilisi. The construction of it is still in progress. There will be 6 residential complexes and 16 townhouses. The total square meters of the land will consist of 26000 square meters. Based on the information of It will be a gated community with the following services: 24/7 security, In-house cleaning services, On-site handyman, Gardener, Garbage collection, On-demand courier service, running/bicycle track, Tennis/basketball court, Gym/yoga center, Finnish-style sauna, CCTV. 


The Meti Development project, Ecocity is the premium class complex, located in Krtsanisi, Tbilisi. Ecocity is located on the Mtatsminda mountain and it’s one of the cleanest, environment-friendly and peaceful places of Tbilisi. The complex is built on the land with a size of 8000 square meters. 

The ecocity apartments service includes a gym, stadium and a private yard for outside activities/kids-friendly zones. The whole complex is equipped with technology and security cameras. There are both underground and 0-floor parking, which in general holds 300 cars.

Accessibility Of The Neighborhood

The place is easy to access different types of transportation. As the place is high-populated and is one of the main attractions for tourists, public transportation maybe a little bit overloaded, but you will always be able to take Buses, minibusses and taxis to get to the different parts of the city.

Important Institutions

As the place is popular and there are many important places like ministers and other public organizations. Here you can see some of them:

  • Embassy of France
  • Embassy of Japan
  • Embassy of Switzerland
  • Embassy of Bulgaria
  • Embassy of Lithuania
  • British Embassy Tbilisi



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