Investment Characteristics

Nadzaladevi is an important part of Tbilisi by its location. It’s near many important places. For example, one of the biggest local markets in Tbilisi is located near Nadzaladevi. Also, metro station Nadzaladevi makes it possible to travel to different parts of the city in a very short period of time. 

Nearby Nadzaladevi there are different types of public and nongovernmental places, gyms, cultural places, a mall, post office, police department, national statistics office of Georgia (Geostat) and etc. 

The average price for buying an apartment in Nadzaladevi isn’t high and is approximately $628 (sq.m).

Karvasla Mall

In Nadzaladevi is a trading and business center Karvasla. The complex contains brandshops, supermarkets, beauty salons, a dental clinic, and cafes. There are also conference rooms. In Karvasla there is a business center, where different types of companies can rent a place and operate.

Accessibility Of The Neighborhood

There is a metro station on the Akhmeteli-Varketili line in Nadzaladevi which connects it with different parts of the city within several minutes. Also here you can take different types of transportation heading to various parts of the city.

Closest Attractions
  • Tbilisi Art Hall
  • Movie theatre Georgia
  • Veterans park
  • Ertso’s Park
Restaurants, Bars And Cafes

There are two well-known restaurants in Nadzaladevi neighborhood:

  • Restaurant Chemo Kargo
  • Tavla
  • Nugeshi
  • Ori Nabiji
  • Carrefour
  • Nadzaladevi small market
  • Clinic Medi
  • N1 Maternity Hospital
  • Todua Clinic



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