General Information

Tskneti is a plain in Tbilisi. It officially belongs to Vake district. The settlement is located in 8 kms from the center of Tbilisi. The status of plan was given to it in 1967. 

Tskneti is known for being a “dacha zone” from early years. Dacha is a seasonal second home, often located on countryside places. People use to have dacha to relax and spend time there with families.The climate of Tskneti is different from the other parts of Tbilisi. People live and visit this place with their families because of the good environmental conditions, namely, the cleaner air. That’s why it’s considered to be a “dacha zone” from early years. 

In recent years, people have been moving there to live with their families. That’s why the place is rich with supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and other entertaining places.

Investment Characteristics

In Tskneti there are different types of constructions. Most of them are private houses as it considered to be a “countryside” place. But as more and more people are willing to move there, for living or just want to have an apartment to visit the place on weekends, different types of constructions are taking place in Tskneti. One example is a residential complex Sun City. It’s a Georgian-American project located in Tskneti. 

In all likelihood, soon the demand for the place will grow and even more houses will be built there. 

Relying on information of Sun City, it’s a residential community with full security, situated on a total 13,000 m2 of residential property. The community encompasses 41 privately owned, luxury residences. 

In tskneti is located National Statistics Office of Georgia-GEOSTAT. Also there is an international school, Bakswood.

Accessibility Of The Neighborhood

You can take different kinds of transports to get to the Tskneti settlement. It usually takes 10 minutes to drive from there to the ends of Tbilisi. Here is the list of buses you can take to Tskneti: 5, 34, 81, 82.

Closest Attractions

In tskneti there are 2 monastery complexes and churches, parks and monuments. 

  • Tskneti central park
  • Tskneti public park
  • Maia tskneteli monument
Kopala Tskneti

Kopala is an entertaining and resting place in Tskneti. The complex includes a hotel, restaurant, bowling center, billiards, children entertaining place and etc. It’s a popular resting place among people.

Restaurants, Bars And Cafes
  • Chops by the river-restaurant and grill
  • In the dense forest
  • Tsiskvili in Tskneti
  • Chashnagiri
  • Tknetis ezo
  • Kopala Tskneti
  • Nugeshi
  • Spar
  • Nikora
  • Room
  • Polonia
  • Alioni
  • Kopala Tskneti



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