General Information

According to the Tbilisi City Assembly, Bagebi is a part of Vake neighborhood officially. It is situated on the very west end of Vake. Bagebi covers three terraces of connected apartment complexes. Although it is just 5 minutes driving distance from the center of busy Vake, Bagebi is still a quiet neighborhood. Covered with pine trees, the territory is considered as a recreational area.

In the past, Bagebi territory was used as an agricultural area, where peasants had their kitchen gardens and cowsheds. Developing the territory began after 1980s and main constructions started after 2002.

Today, the neighborhood has everything for residents to feel comfort. Supermarkets, shops, cafes, restaurants, schools and universities are available nearby. It is especially convenient for families with kids as there are some good international schools.

Architectural Decisions

Bagebi neighborhood covers apartment complexes along Tskneti Highway and private houses and villas in Upper Bagebi.

“Metra Park” is one of the newly-created settlements located near the city center. There are playgrounds and commercial and trading points around. Archi Bagebi also provides residential buildings. The company tries to use energy-efficient and eco-friendly techniques and materials.

In case you do not want to live in apartment buildings, you can look for houses and villas in Upper Bagebi with beautiful yards and views.

Accessibility Of The Neighborhood

Although Bagebi is 5 minutes driving distance from city center, you can still use buses – 34, 51, 61. This neighborhood does not have any metro stations.

Important Institutions
  • Business and Technology University
  • New School International School of Georgia
  • German International School Tbilisi
  • Saint George School
  • Georgian Football Federation
  • Georgian Adult Education Network (GAEN)
  • Georgian National Handball Federation
  • David Lynch Foundation Caucasus
Closest Attractions
  • Open Air Museum of Ethnography – 2.5 km – 6 min by car
  • Turtle Lake – 3.6 km – 8 min by car
  • Mikheil Meskhi Stadium – 1.8 km – 5 min by car
  • Vake Park – 2.3 km – 7 min by car
Restaurants, Bars And Cafes
  • Restaurant Bagebi
  • Tsiskvili in Vake
  • Entrée
  • Cecilia
  • Otium
  • Foodmart – Open 24 hours
  • Nikora – open 24 hours
  • Ori Nabiji – closes at 11 PM
  • Hospital #9 – 2.8 km – 8 min by car
  • Eye Clinic “New Sight” – 2.5 km – 8 min by car
  • S. Khechinashvili University Hospital – 2.9 km – 9 min by car



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