General Information

Avlabari is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tbilisi on the left bank of Mtkvari River. This part of Old Tbilisi is famous for its churches and cathedrals. The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi which is the third tallest eastern orthodox church in the world, is located here, along with the Metekhi church. It is one of the most Iconic churches in Tbilisi and Church of the Red Gospel- a ruined 18th century Armenian Apostolic Church.

Aside from cathedrals, Avlabari attracts people with one of the most touristic places in Tbilisi- Rike Park. The Presidential Palace is also a place of interest.

The district is mostly known within locals for its Armenian Community, since it was heavily populated with armenians in the past, but nowadays the number is decreasing and the neighborhood is getting more gentrified.

Investment Characteristics

Avlabari is a very touristic place, since it is part of Old Tbilisi. The the interesting thing is Old Tbilisi is one of the most expensive places real estate-wise. 1 sq. m in Old Tbilisi costs 986 USD Dollars But In Avlabari the number is drastically different- the average price of 1 sq. m  is 567 USD Dollars, mostly because most apartments in this part of the city are old and in bad shape. So, this may be an opportunity to buy real estate for cheap and flip it.

In general, because of its touristic location, any type of hospitality business would be suitable for this part of Tbilisi.

Accessibility Of The Neighborhood

There is a metro station in the centre of Avlabari- station Avlabari and also one other near Avlabari- 300 Aragveli station.

Here is a list of busses you can take to Avlabari : 70, 61, 39, 46, 91.

Closest Attractions
  • Rike Park: City park in Tbilisi, Georgia | 1.9 km from Avlabari
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi: Eastern orthodox church in Tbilisi, Georgia  | 2.0 km
  • Narikala Fortress: Fortress in Tbilisi, Georgia | 2.4 km
  • The Bridge Of Peace: Bridge | 1.8 km
  • Liberty Square: Tourist attraction in Tbilisi, Georgia | 1.5 km
Brand Names and International Companies

There are not many International Brand names in Avlabari. Although, it is worth mentioning that Sheraton Metechi Palace, located in Avlabari, is the oldest and first brand name hotel in Tbilisi, opened in 1991.

Restaurants, Bars And Cafes

As for restaurants and cafes, there are very few to none of the international chain restaurants in the district. Instead, Avlabari focuses on local and regional cuisine representation, since the neighborhood is popular with tourists.

Here are some of the restaurants that locals often visit in or near Avlabari:

  • Maspindzelo 
  • Lagidze Water
  • Bread House Georgian Restaurant
  • Khinkali House in Avlabari
  • Cafe Flowers
  • Nikora- open 24 hours
  • Ori Nabiji
  • Vejini
  • New Hospitals: 12 Krtsanisi Street, 4.2 km  
  • Amtel Hospital: 9 Tsinandali Street, 3.4 km 
  • Shine Dental Clinic: 3 Gia Abesadze, St 1.7 km  
  • National Center of Urology: 9 Tsinandali Street, 3.3 km 



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