Relocating is generally believed to be one of the most stressful events in one’s life. Moving to a new country multiplies the stress level so much it seems unbearable to deal with it. There is so much paperwork and bureaucracy, add to this the fact that you need to learn so much about your future home: new laws, different customs, local languages, and cultural quirks to interpret. It’s understandable people are overwhelmed by this life-changing experience.

For those brave enough to move to a new country with a family, the homework they need to do before moving out increases a hundred times. If you’re one of those people, there is a fat chance that the first question that pops in your mind is “what effect will this move have on my kids?” It can be a wonderful experience, that will impact your children to be more empathetic and culturally sensitive if you plan everything correctly or a complete disaster if you don’t do your research. One of the most important factors you need to think about while relocating with your family is finding appropriate schools for the children. 

As we all know, schools play a huge role in the development of the younger generation and it’s a prime source of adaptation. In schools, children learn how to act in a way suited to a new environment. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right one. 

If you’re an enthusiast planning to move to Georgia with your family, here we present the top international schools for foreign students in Tbilisi.

New School International School in Georgia

Located at 35 Tskneti Highway, this school is situated away from the main track and high pollution. New School offers an International Baccalaureate with Primary, Middle and Diploma Programs for students from ages 3 to 18 years. It is an international primary and secondary school with the curriculum divided into two programs: the National and International. The first one is conducted in Georgian and the second one in English. This way, the school creates a diverse community and helps foreigners to adapt by interacting with locals.

Buckswood International School

Buckswood International School is also located in Tskneti. The curriculum here is bilingual: Georgian and English. It’s an independent school accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. Buckswood offers GCSE and A Level Programs and it’s a primary and secondary school. Buckswood also offers preschool education for children 4 and 5 years old.

QSI International School

QSI International School is specifically oriented on English based curriculums. Other languages like  Georgian, French, and Russian are taught as a foreign language. It’s a primary and secondary school located in village Zurgovani. Aside from the impressive curriculum, the school has an outstanding infrastructure: a soccer field, baseball field, chemistry and biology labs, library and wireless internet throughout the school.

European School

Located at Irine Skhirtladze Street, this school has roots both in English and Georgian curriculums. It provides students with three different programs: Georgian national school, IB program, and American High school program.

Chaglar Nikoloz Tsereteli International School of Tbilisi

Located in Varketili, this school offers students the National Curriculum of England and Wales. As for foreign languages, there are taught Turkish and Georgian at grade 3 and Spanish and Russian at grade 7. Note to remember, uniforms are mandatory in this international school.

British-Georgian Academy

British Georgian Academy offers pre-school and primary school services for international students. It provides students with both national and international curriculums, more specific Georgian and British International curriculums.

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