There are lots of different developers who build & sell flats in new residential estates in Tbilisi and Batumi. Let’s take a look at the most famous and trustworthy companies of them.


This developer has built residential estates from 2008 and promotes its branding very seriously. Right now, one of its towers is shown in almost every second episode of the most famous Georgian tv-show, My Wife’s Girlfriends.

“If you want to live in a house with a swimming pool, a training hall, a courtyard with a stadium, playgrounds, a kindergarten and a school, remember that Archi can provide all of this”, – writes Archi on its website.

Archi has 19 completed projects and 16 under construction in Tbilisi and 1 completed residential estate in Batumi. Prices vary from $550 to $2300 per square meter.

Orbi Group

We mentioned Batumi and we shall all know who dominates the market there. And this is Orbi Group. 

This is an international holding and its Real Estate portfolio consists of 3,000,000 square meters. Their clientele is from 72 different countries. Right now they are working on the largest Hotel Complex in the World in the heart of Batumi.

The prices in finished projects of Orbi Group in Batumi vary from $1400 to $3500 per square meter.

Anagi LLC

In Batumi after Orbi Group comes Anagi LLC. They have been constructing since 1989 with 150 total projects. 

The mission of Anagi is to conscientiously perform the obligations undertaken before the customer.

Prices in Batumi start from $730 per square meter and end at $1200.

Alliance+ Ltd.

In 2005, the newly established Alliance+ Ltd. began building a modern residential estate in Batumi – a revolutionary project in Georgia at the time.

From 2008, the company worked under a different name but switched back to its old name in 2015.

The Alliance Group has built more than 20 residential estates and apartment-hotels with approximately 5000 apartments and over one million square meters of living space. 

Alliance Group will finish its current project in Batumi in 2021 where right now prices start from $2200 per square meter. As for their finished flats, the minimal price per square meter is $1100.


Another significant player in the real estate market in Georgia is m2. It was established in 2006 by JSC Bank of Georgia and doesn’t have very many projects. However, lots of people dream to live in one of their flats in Tbilisi. 

The main goal of m2 is to create a better quality of life in Georgia and ensure that they are associated with comfort and modern living standards. 

Right now m2 has available flats in 3 projects in Tbilisi. In Hippodrome 2 project median price per square meter is $1198. $1350 in Kazbegi 2 project and $1124 in m2 park project.

Domus Development

The company Domus was founded in 2006. In their flats, in Tbilisi, they create a cozy environment for full comfort. They have really nice projects in Vake and near the old hippodrome. The prices vary from $1100 to $2600 per square meter.


To sum up, these are just a few of the biggest names in development in Georgia. However, there are also other famous developers in Georgia, such as Axis, Sky Development, Lisi Development, and others. All with different styles, missions, and pricing.