Everyone who’s looking for organic food supplements knows that organic farming reduces pollution and simply uses less energy. Not only that it’s better for our environment, but organic food also has a higher nutritional value, which is due to the absence of fertilizers or pesticides, making the plant more productive and resistant in the long-run.

Georgia is a small country with a huge history of agricultural practices. With the astonishing amount of experience, Georgian farmers know the overall value of organic food and keep producing high-quality goods in the traditional way. These types of goods are grown and harvested in each region all around Georgia.

Typically, Organic food might not be as easily accessible in the business-oriented capital cities like Tbilisi, but thanks to local farmers who don’t mind traveling and the country’s small scale, which makes the traveling process easier, organic goods are available in Tbilisi too. Whether it’s a bazaar or local organic restaurant, they will all be listed below in the article:

The Dezerter Bazaar

The Dezerter Bazaar, which is located near the Station Square Metro, is one of the biggest bazaars in Tbilisi, Georgia. Odds are, the crowded and chaotic environment will leave you surprised and might make you miss the corner mini-market next to your apartment, but The Dezerter has its own advantages, which makes it special:

The Food is Organic

All fruits & vegetables are brought by local farmers, which are harvested in different regions of Georgia. Free from pesticides and GMOs, all the goods are fresh and well-flavored.

The Prices are Relatively Low

Due to the competitive market of Georgia, all the products at Dezerters Bazaar are sold at a relatively lower price than big commercial supermarkets. Local farmers bring their goods straight from their farms, which means that it subsides the cost of repurchasing, which is usually added in commercial stores. Also, most of the production is packaging-free, which helps the price stay in the lower range.

In conclusion, the spark of Dezerter is not only organic food with good pricing, but also the fact that it helps local farmers and the overall economy of the country.

Everything is in One Place

Another good thing about this big and crowded Bazaar is that it has everything settled in one space. Whether you are looking for a healthy amount of vegetables or cottage cheese, you don’t have to plan a voyage throughout the city – The Dezerter bazaar will have it all.

There are just some things to consider in order to make the bazaar purchasing process a successful experience. Just because the Dezerter is located in the open sky, the goods might appear a little dirty or dusty, so take your time to wash everything properly. Another recommendation would be to bring your own scale to make sure that you are getting exactly as much as you pay for.

An alternative for the Dezerter Bazaar is the Navtlugi Bazaar, which is located near the Tbilisi Samgori metro station. Filled with local farmers and huge amount of products to sell, it will keep you settled.

Under The Open Sky

If you take a round trip around Tbilisi, you’ll see lots of street merchants selling local organic goods. For example, during the weekends, a street bazaar is arranged on the Marjanishvili square. Nicely settled, locals get the chance to have a comfortable yet healthy shopping experience on their weekends.

Local Organic Bars/Restaurants

Of course, cooking organic dishes at home is a great daily option, not to mention that it tastes amazing, but sometimes it’s nice to go out and visit local restaurants too.

Georgia does not only offer organic supplements but has interesting areas for outside dining options too. Here are some of the beautiful examples for Organic food lovers:


The family restaurant Barbarestan is located on #132 Aghmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi. It’s named after Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze, who published a book named “Complete Cooking” back in 1914. It combines the Europian and Asian cuisines, as well as the tastes and flavors, which are typical for Georgia. The restaurant is fully organic and has very good reviews on Google.

Organique Josper Grill Bar

The organic grill bar is located on the Bambis Rigi street in Tbilisi, Georgia. Mainly concentrated on high-quality organic meat and Georgian bio-wine, it’s the perfect dining location for almost everyone. To make sure that the meat is cooked in the healthiest way, the Restaurant bakes it in a specially designed grill, which allows keeping the value of the product at its maximum.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that Georgia offers a wide range of Organic products. Either it’s due to farmers following traditional methods or Georgians loving and appreciating high nutritional value products, organic food is sold in almost every corner.


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