Georgia is a country that always aspired to become a better version of itself. Despite some challenges throughout Georgian history, it didn’t stop the country’s desire to continue the democratization process. On the contrary, Georgia and Georgians are becoming more and more proactive, taking necessary steps in order to ensure the peaceful and democratic development of the country.

Recently we’ve seen positive development in one of the most profitable industries in Georgia- Real Estate. The Georgian National Association of Real Estate (GNARE) is bringing positive changes to the industry by working on standardizing the real estate industry in Georgia, creating unified rules, that will be regulated by Law.

This will not only modernize and reestablish the real estate industry in Georgia but create a more healthy atmosphere amongst Georgian Realtors which will benefit the industries’ development and cooperation with foreign colleagues.

On December 10th, GNARE presented the organization’s plans for the upcoming 2020. The conference was held in Realtyna- a company with a 10-year experience of providing an affordable web / mobile solution for Real Estate business. The conference touched upon the different topics, mainly focusing on providing necessary educational courses for the Georgian Realtors. Realtyguide’s representatives attended the conference to provide you with the latest updates.

Here we present the highlights of the GNARE’s Annual Conference at Realtyna:

  • January- GNARE is preparing a variety of workshops for real estate in Georgia.
  • February-  GNARE is preparing for the election which will be held in 2020 on February 20.
  • March- MIPIM- attending an international property event hosted in Cannes, France with FIABCI
  • April- The week of Real Estate with the Expo Georgia and  FIABCI
  • May- Collaboration with the International Experts, round tables, trainings for the local realtors
  • June- the month of follow-ups and workshops
  • July- Georgian Association of Realtors provides realtors with the CIPS, SRS, CRETS courses to help them improve their qualifications.
  • September- GNARE is providing Georgian Realtors to become trainers by finishing the course Train the Trainer.
  • October- Annual Conference of CEPI, European Association of Real Estate Professions
  • November- Realtors Conference and EXPO 2020 in New-Orleans
  • December-  CIPS, SRS, CRETS courses for realtors. In this case, realtors who have completed a course of Train the Trainer can become new trainers in this program.

Few Final Words

Although Georgia has many things it needs to develop in the real estate industry, the steps that GNARE is taking are promising a better future for the whole industry. Nowadays, as the GNARE’s representatives stated the priority of the organization is to revise and strengthen the existing Code of Ethics for Georgian Realtors and make the practice of exclusive contracts prominent for the realtors in Georgia. In order to ensure that, GNARE is working closely with national and international experts from the fields, the Europen Business Association, and lawyers.


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