There are different issues to consider while talking about finding a job in Georgia. First of all, you need to know the economic situation in the country and of course, the market conditions. 

Although some people may say, that if one wants to work you can always find a job here, it’s not always so easy.  Let’s discuss the challenges of finding a job in Georgia. 

Employment Conditions in Georgia

In Georgia, it’s not easy to find a job even for locals. The salary is the problem when talking about working conditions. It’s usually low and not suitable for the work one is doing. People always complain about the salary more than about other working conditions. 

Also, a place plays an important role while talking about job situations. In Georgia, the largest amount of job vacancies are in Tbilisi and some other cities attracted by tourists. The biggest companies are oriented in the Tbilisi market and establish their offices in the capital of the country. So, it’s harder for the people who live in regions to find jobs there. The thing is, that they have to move to the bigger cities and search for work. So, this is bad for the country for at least two reasons: 1. The regions are getting unpopulated in the country, especially in mountainous regions. 2. The traffic is growing in Tbilisi and the city is becoming overloaded. 

The thing is, that with the correct marketing strategy, investors might benefit from investing money in regions more. Tourists, main destination places are mostly countrysides because nature and the ancient buildings are the things Georgia is rich with. 

Moreover, people in Georgia are very diligent. In regions people mostly live on the stockbreeding businesses. Here, investors have a good chance to invest money in farming, making wine, honey and different agricultural fields (although, know that currently, foreigners are unable to purchase agricultural land).

Finding a Job As a Foreigner in Georgia

For Locals it’s already well-known where to find a job. It can be done by sending a cv to a company’s mail. There are several popular platforms, you can find the job vacancies at:,, and

Also, in Georgia Linkedin works well too.

But the other (and popular) source of finding a job here are acquaintances. People here know that the more people you know in different businesses, the more chance you have to find a job.

For Foreigners, different tasks may arise when talking about working in Georgia. There are several barriers which a foreigner must consider while thinking about getting a job here.

The first and most important is the mentioned acquaintance. As in Georgia, personal recommendations work very well, locals might be a step forward for the reason, because here everyone knows everyone. 

The other factor to take into consideration is Georgian Visa. Relying on information of migration commision, Visas have 5 categories (A,B,C,D,T). The D1 category visa is issued to persons arriving in Georgia to work, foreigners coming to Georgia for contracted work and etc.

D5 category visa is for the person who has the right to immovable property by the law established by Georgian Parliament (except for agricultural land). 

Also, on you can see the list of the countries whose Citizens can Enter Georgia without Visa for 1 Year.

Language is another thing to consider while talking about finding a job here. For foreigners, it’s easier to find a job in a tourist or foreign companies. If a foreigner decides to study Georgian language at the same time, he will have more chances to get work here. Also, there are several fields that really need professionals in the Georgian market, so, if you have skills that Georgian market lacks, you can use it for your benefit. 

Creating Working Places in Georgia

As we already mentioned, there are not many places for locals to work in Georgia. The country is a good place for investors to invest money because the government laws aren’t so strict and moreover, the Georgian Government helps investors to create working places because it helps to improve the economic situation here a lot. 

Besides Tbilisi, investors can think about different parts of the country where they can establish different kinds of companies. For example, in regions, investors can get involved various kinds of production and they can find local forces who are familiar with the field. Although foreigners here aren’t allowed to buy an agricultural land, they can invest money in the agricultural industry and hire the local workforce here. This will be a great opportunity for people in Georgia, also for foreigner investors. 

In Georgia, people have the knowledge of how to make good wine as well as how to cultivate a good honey bee farm. The reason people can’t work with the field in some cases, is that mostly doing good quality honey and wine demands good investment and money. So, if the investor knows it, he can have a high profit from these fields, as well. 

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