Do you want to know more about different types of property in the Georgian market? The market in Georgia is not like in North America or European countries. It’s a little bit chaotic and sometimes unregulated.

There are also new buildings in Tbilisi as in every big modern city. However, a significant part of the most appealing housing stock is the picturesque tourist areas. 

Today, we will talk about the different types of property in the Georgian market and what you should be aware of.

Different Types of Property:

New Buildings

A modern design, good location, new pipes and wiring sound attractive and reliable.
But in any case, it is necessary to carefully study the information about the developer. Investors often buy out land plots for the construction of residential houses without sufficient experience. Some of them may try to save on materials, get delays in delivery or rarely finish the object due to financial problems. Sometimes you can find an apartment with irrational usage of space like layouts without windows in living or another large rooms. Moreover, new apartments are generally sold with a balcony, but developers may count it as a living space and ask to overpay for.

In any case, this type of property is new and innovative in the Georgian market. Getting an apartment in a new building is always more comfortable and can lead you into an atmosphere of metropolitan life.

Private Houses

Private houses in Georgia are found everywhere, even in the central districts of Tbilisi and Batumi. The most known are in the capital city and so-called Italian courtyards with garden galleries.

These courtyards are in a state of varying degrees of decor and destruction, which looks incredibly charming in photos, but is sometimes not suitable for everyone for a long stay. The condition of the buildings depends entirely by the owners. A foreigner should consider that regardless of the type of housing, the owner pays only for the consumed resources: light, water, gas and garbage disposal. The state is not responsible for the general condition of the buildings. 

If you like an historical and calm aura, ready to invest into and maintain it, then a private house nearly or in center is a must have.

Old Housing Units

This type still attracts customers’ interest. These houses are recognized to have a historical value, mainly in the central districts. Once they belonged to families, but after the “dispossession” were divided into rooms with a bathroom and toilet in the common corridor.

When buying an apartment for living in old buildings, you should pay attention to the condition of pipes and sewers. It is important to consider, if the house is an historic building. Because it can have a significant impact on further renovation.

Buyers often invest in the old housing fund, relying on offers of purchase from developers, who systematically buy these areas for the construction of hotels or new houses.

Panel Apartment Blocks

Panel apartment blocks are very different from other types of housing. The lack of centralized city systems for monitoring the condition of residential properties has been particularly woeful in the past. That’s why you can find houses with walls on supports, without glass in the entrances or with cracked facades. 

In addition, before the emergence of legislative prohibitions in the country, the panels grew chaotically due to illegal additions of loggias and balconies. In some houses, this expansion allowed for the actual addition of one or two rooms.

The advantages of the panels are the strict geometry of classical layouts. Apartments in these houses are not too expensive, except for those that by chance were located in the city center and have a particular interest for tourists.